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About Our Farm

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Dark Hammock Turtles Inc. is Florida's largest and fastest growing commercial turtle farm. We are family owned and operated and have over fifteen years of experience with turtles. Dark Hammock Turtles is certified by Florida state agriculture/aquaculture division. We follow Best Management Practices. Our farm is currently one of the very few farms in the state that is actually self-sustaining and does not require taking turtles from the wild for our production. We sell hatchlings only, NOT adult turtles. We are constantly working to expand our farm and take great pride in doing so. Currently we have 31 ponds housing over 50 species.

Our Strategy

Here at Dark Hammock Turtles, we believe that by keeping our turtles clean, well fed and healthy, we ensure they will happily lay plenty of eggs. We work to maintain clean ponds and feed our turtles a high quality and varied diet. Our modern hatchery is now nearly 3000 square feet. We work diligently to keep our facilities clean and organized. This allows us to produce the highest quality hatchlings in the market. Our customer care is second to none. We are easy to contact and always adhere to our arrangements. We pack our shipments with great care to ensure the healthy arrival of our hatchlings.

Our Turtles

Dark Hammock Turtles specializes in breeding Florida Softshelled Turtles, Florida Redbellied Turtles, Peninsular Cooters, Yellowbellied Sliders, and both Common and Florida Snapping Turtles. We are currently the largest producer of Florida Softshells in the world. We also breed rare and unusual species including Painted River Terrapins, Giant River Turtles, Redbellied Short Necked Turtles, Rio Grande Redeared Sliders, Spotted Turtles, and Hinged and Helmeted African side necks. We also produce various species of Central and South American Wood Turtles as well as various species of Mud and Musk Turtles including both subspecies of giant musk.